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Aarogyaindia Balraj Capsule with Combined Power of Pure Shilajeet, Safed Musli Ashwagandha Gokshura, Kaunch beej, and Kesar – Natural Strength, Confidence, Vitality Booster for Men (50 Capsules)


Contain Each 500 mg.

Bidari Kand-60 mg, Chota Gokhroo-30 mg, Shatavar-30mg, Safed Moosli-30 mg, Kali Moosli-30 mg, Gond-30 mg, Bahman Safed-30 mg, Bahman Lal-30 mg, Kewti Chhal 30 mg, Akrkara-13 mg, Loungh-13 mg, Choti Elaichi-13 mg, Dalchini-13 mg, Jaiphal-13 mg, Tejpatra-13 mg, Piappali-0.15 mg, Ashwagandh-32.85 mg, Cronch-25 mg, Gangeroo-25 mg, Shalam Panjja-25 mg, Dwarna Rajvangeshwar-3mg, Shilajeet-6 mg, Vansh Lochan-3 mg, Keshar-2 mg.


  • Combats sexual problems
  • Immune Booster
  • Provide strength to vital organs
  • Treats diabetes
  • Treats Obesity
  • Gives overall nourishment to the body

Act as a relaxer and help overcome anxiety and fatigue, elevate desire and boost performance

It gives overall nourishment to the body & improve mental and physical strength

It Helps in Brace up the body & provides strength to vital organs

Help to beat extreme tiredness/lack of energy by increasing energy level

Help boost testosterone and enhance your overall performance

Help provide strength and stamina to the overall body.

Assist in promoting and maintaining hormone balance


For adults: 1-1 capsule with milk, morning and night before sleep. Miner’s 1 capsule in the morning with milk.


Patent herbal medicine by Vaidya P.N. Sharma

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Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Bacterial properties, Protect from bleeding and Infections in the tooth, Strengthens the Gums and Teeth from the root, Prevents tooth loosening, Eliminate Bad Breath, Whitening

  • HEALTHY & PATENT FORMULA: Aarogyaindia Balraj Capsule is made from a research-based patent & ayurvedic formula which comprises only the best pure, authentic & natural ingredients, including Suwarna Rajvangeshwa, Kali Moosli, Safed Musli, and Ashwagandha.

This magical blend Gives overall nourishment to the body, helps boost Energy, Strength & Stamina, Confidence, Mood, and Overall Well-being.

  • GRATER ENERGY WITH CHOTA GOKHRU & BEHMAN LAL: Chota Gokhru helps in increasing your Energy, IT helps as a positive herb in Bosting Sexual Health and Stamina. Behman Lal is valuable in stress-related conditions. It may help in erectile dysfunction-related issues.
  • KALI MUSLI: KALI Musli is known to Enhance Strength and it acts as a genital Tonic and is Good for general weakness, it may help in promoting the sperm count and may help in boosting testosterone levels. | Helps to provide complete mental and physical energy to your body.
  • MORE CONFIDENCE WITH ACTIVE AND FIT MIND: Ashwagandha is a recognized herb to ease anxiety & stress, positive effects of Ashwagandha helps to increase confidence. | Builds Ojas for supporting a healthy immune response and youthfulness.
  • SEE THE VISIBLE EFFECTS ON YOUR HEALTH: This is a pure and authentic formula with no chemicals so Doesn’t give you instant energy/stamina or any kind of boost in your overall health/fitness, regular use of this capsule will provide a long term impact on confidence & wellbeing.

Take one capsule in the morning & one in the evening With Milk (Recommended course for 3 months to see the visible effects).

Try our authentic products once, you will love them as they will provide complete nourishment to you.


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