Chyawanprash Avaleha – Enriched with 48 Herbs, Immunity Booster


Chyawanprash Avaleha – Enriched with 48 Herbs, Immunity Support for All Age Groups – Made as per Ayurvedic Texts (500gms).

Ingredients, Contain Each 100 g.

Ingredients: It is prepared as per the instructions suggested in Ayurvedic texts:

Patla-0.400gm, Arni-0.400gm, Gambhari-0.400gm, Bel-0.400gm, Syonag-0.400gm, Gokhru-0.400gm, Shalparni-0.400gm, Prastha Arni-0.400gm, Choti Kateli-0.400gm, Badi Kateli-0.400gm, Pippali-0.400gm, Kagda Singhi-0.400gm,, Harad-0.400gm, Kharenti-400gm, Bhoo Amla-400gm, Adoosa-0.400gm, Jeevanti-0.400gm, Kachoor-0.400gm, Nagar Motha-0.400gm, Pushkar Mool-0.400gm, Koa Dhodi-0.400gm, Moongparni-0.400gm, Mashparni-0.400gm, Bidari Kand-0.400gm, Sathi-0.400gm, Kamal Gatta-0.400gm, Choti Elaichi-0.400gm, Agar-0.400gm, Chandan-0.400gm, Ashthabarg-0.400gm, Panjashalam-0.400gm, Meda-0.400gm, Mahameda-0.400gm, Jeevak-0.400gm, Rishbhak-0.400gm, Kakoli-0.400gm, Cheer Kakoli-0.400gm, Amla-60.00gm, Desi Ghee-2.80gm, Sugar-50.00gm, Pippali Choti-0.8gm, Bansh Lochan-1.6 gm, Dalchini-0.1gm, Choti Elaichi -0.1gm,Nagkeshar-0.1gm, Tejpatra-01gm, Badi Elaichi, Shahad-4.8gm.


Chyawanprash contains anti-aging properties, making it one of the most greatly valued foods long before vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant supplements came into existence. Helps boost immunity, help protect the body against infections such as cough & cold, it Supports overall strength and energy, it purifies the blood and eliminates toxin, it is good for cholesterol, it improves complexion, help protect the body against infection, it normalizes blood pressure, it improves digestion and eases constipation, it clears respiratory passages, Builds ojas for supporting a healthy immune response and youthfulness



15 to 25-gram morning and evening, for children’s it will be half of the mentioned dose.

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Chyawanprash Avaleha – Enriched with 48 Herbs, Immunity Support for All Age Groups – Made as per Ayurvedic Texts (500gms).

  • NATURAL SUPPORT FOR IMMUNITY FOR ALL SEASONS: Helps in strengthening the immune system, you can consume it in all seasons, suitable for all age groups of above 3years (without any harm). Aids in the body’s immunity against common infections e.g. cough & cold . Help to fight allergies and infections that occur due to seasonal weather changes | Prepared with Desi Ghee for best results.
  • OVERALL WELL-BEING & RESPIRATORY SYSTEM HEALTHINESS: Provide and supports wholesome health & fitness for you and your family. Helps in eliminating the toxins. Supports overall energy, strength, and stamina, Supports the digestive system, and eases constipation. May provide the support to fight respiratory issues & provide support to the functional system of the lungs.
  • FRESHLY MADE IN SMALL BATCHES: Our Chyawanprash is made in small batch sizes, which produce visible, positive effects on your health. This product is not prepared with stored Amla pulp it’s made with fresh Amla pulp that is available in that (current) season only, we don’t use the old stored pulp (Which Is Not Possible In Case Of Many Big Brads Due To Large Scale Manufacturing).



  • AAROGYAINDIA CHYAWANPRASH IS 100 % PURE & HERBAL: Builds Ojas, supports healthy immune response & youthfulness, No harmful chemical used. Our Chyawanprash is made as per ancient texts with no alteration in the formula.
  • FINEST QUALITY BLEND: Aarogyaindia Chyawanprash is a daily Immunity booster dose for your whole family to build Strength & Stamina, It is the finest quality Chyawanprash in simple packaging. It’s prepared under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).
  • WITH EVERY PURCHASE OF THIS PRODUCT: You are contributing to Tribal/Rural Empowerment. | TRY our authentic products once, you will love them as they will provide complete nourishment to you and your family

Brand: Aarogyaindia
Diet Type: Vegetarian
Age Range: Adult
Net Quantity: 500.0 gram


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